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Picture by John De.


In this workshop improv and dance teacher Laura Doorneweerd will teach you how to bluff your way in ballet. Or in hiphop, Bollywood, country, disco, tango and many more styles.

You will learn the most important tricks and steps to make it look like you are a dancer. The audience can shout out any style in music or dance: you will know what to do. And what games you can play using your moves.

Laura has taught this workshop to many Dutch, German and Swiss improv groups and it is the most fun you will have in using your body on stage. Stiff as a board? No sense for rhythm? Perfect, then book this workshop now!

Frouke de Groot (Improfessioneel):

“Laura is one of the most enthusiastic trainers I know. She is committed, social, sweet and energetic. In the training ‘Dancing for Dummies’ she is giving everything and takes you on the hand to dance styles you never heard of.

My group still remembers everything and likes to practice them all, including the ‘cries’/instructions that Laura made while teaching us. We do that on stage or even in the bar. Hilarious!”


All you need on a stage to create magic is your body and the space. They are your best friends and they can be anything. In this workshops we will use the basic principles of dance, viewpoints and physical theatre to improve your improv skills.

The workshop goes more in-depth on physical theatre: moving, trusting your body, ensemble work and building the environment. A wonderful way to get out of your head, into your body and connected with your fellow improvisers. But most importantly: play great scenes.


In this workshop you will learn how to bluff every profession. Laura teaches you the jargon of the mail sorter, the instruments of a surgeon or the technique of a sniper. All this will no longer be a secret for you.

In this workshop we focus on the language, the moves and the attitude of at least 10 different professions. Very useful for on stage! An additional advantage: you will improve you firm conviction while improvising and how to smoothly combine moving and acting.


The space is the best friend an improviser has when on a stage. It is always there and can be anything. Even more: it can be as big and as amazing as your fantasy can take you.

In this workshop Laura will teach many ways to stretch your imagination. We will make the stage multi levelled, with moving angles and unlimited in its space. Think for example of action movies, sport contests, pursuits or scenes on a micro level.


The improvisation skills of both beginning and very advanced players can benefit tremendously from a high dose of playfulness.

It makes a bad scene comfortable and a good scene wonderful. And it can only happen together. So working on playfulness will strengthen your people skills and group feeling.

In this workshop Laura will work on finding the spark in yourself, in your character and in the scene. Is there a game in this scene?  Can you find it? Do you want to? It takes some practice. And some fun, light and die-hard playing.


Picture by Vuur Fotografie

To improvise for an audience of kids it requires that you understand who you are playing for. Young kids are the most honest spectators. That is why you s an improviser can learn so much about your improv, your style and your ‘tricks’ when performing for them.

In this workshop Laura will encourage you to feel like a kid again, to truthfully PLAY: the kind of play with your tongue out of your mouth. And from there learn all there is to playing sparkling characters, clear stories and beautiful fairy tales.

From her experience as a performer and a teacher with and for kids, Laura can also teach many games and short forms that work with young audiences. Working on a longform and/or inviting children in the training are all possible. And a fun way of learning!


Format ‘Chairs’ in Vienna, Austria (2012)

In a field where most groups focus on existing longforms, Laura’s personal fascination lies in creating theatre, stories and theatre formats.

Creating a longform is a wonderful way for individuals and groups to connect and to be creative. In this workshop we will look for the strengths of you as a player and you as a group. By exploring different associative and narrative, we will eventually find a new, original longform that fits as a glove.

Laura has written approx. 25 scenarios for the stage and has been creating several new longform formats for groups and duos.


On this page you can find the already existing workshops. Do no hesitate to ask for any workshop/training in the fields of improv, theatre and movement.


CYMERA_20130219_171013Laura is a professional teacher and performer in the fields of improvisation, theatre, and dance. She is part of 4 Dutch improvisation groups performing in the areas of theatresport, longform, and impro for children. She also is a player and board member of the Ohana project.

Laura has been teaching for 10 years, including 6 years in her own theatre school. Furthermore she has been organizing courses and school projects in theatre, circus, dance, and movement. Now she is also working as a trainer, facilitator and a theatre freelancer.


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