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Ohana Improv Podcast 1 – Tim Orr

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Orr from San Francisco. It is the first episode of the Ohana Improv Podcast.

I had a great time with this interview, that is full of funny anecdotes and inspiring insights. And a few different sound effects too.

IMG_8991We cover different topics relating to his improv practice, including:
– how his warm-up for a show looks like;
– what the turning point in his career was;
– how his background as a basketball coach influenced him as a trainer;
and much, much more.

Here are some links of the groups mentioned in the interview.

By the way, the episode can also be downloaded. Useful if you’re like me and enjoy listening podcasts while biking 🙂

If you have any feedback about this show, do let me know. More episodes will follow so I am looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.

Eén reactie op “Ohana Improv Podcast 1 – Tim Orr

  1. Kiki
    13 juli 2015

    “Improv is being someone who is somewhere”. ❤


    Dank voor het opnemen!!

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